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Nextworks partecipa al progetto ROBUST-6G, per contribuire alla ricerca sulle reti 6G in Europa. Il...

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La nostra oramai rodata attività da system integrator per il settore yachting, ha avuto seguito...

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La nostra consolidata esperienza come system integrator nel settore residenziale ha avuto seguito...

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Personalised Media Mobility Trial with FLAME in Barcelona

Gino Carrozzo, our deputy head of R&D, presented today Nextworks' trial experiences on Personalised...

Nextworks' Virtual CDN PoC for UHD at IBC'19

16 Sept. 2019

The power of 5G Network Slicing for enhanced user mobility management: new demos at ECOC 2019

Our intense calendar of 5G demos at top international events continues unceasingly this year! 

Talking of multi-site 5G Experimentation with 5G EVE at the IEEE 5G World Forum. 2019

1 Oct. 2019

Nextworks at 5GItaly 2019: Industry 4.0 panel

The rise of 5G in production networks is accelerating Industry 4.0 trials and deployments,...

Nextworks at World 5G Convention, Bejing (CN)

23 Nov. 2019

Nextworks at 5G Tech Talk event: 5G development and innovation

Nicola Ciulli, Head of R&D, will take part tomorrow, May 19th 2020 (16:00 CEST time), in the...

From Home & Building Automation to Factories of the Future: our R&D within COMPOSITION project

26 Sept. 2019