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Nextworks at 5GItaly 2019: Industry 4.0 panel

The rise of 5G in production networks is accelerating Industry 4.0 trials and deployments, especially in Germany.

Yet, Italy has very good skills and assets in this sector: top 5G network operators like TIM, global 5G solutions vendor  like Ericsson, SMEs with specific expertise on virtualization and network orchestration and control like Nextworks, vertical industries  like COMAU and many renowned Italian Universities part of CNIT who are working on the latest advancements in 5G.

Gino Carrozzo, our deputy head of R&D, has participated in a panel during the latest 5G Italy 2019 event in Rome, to present and discuss the experiences matured within the 5G EVE project with Autonomous Guide Vehicles working under 5G network coverage. 

Nextworks is heavily involved in the 5G research in Europe, with important strategic roles covered within the 5G Industrial Association (5G IA) and an active participation in 12 international R&D projects with top renowned consortia of operators, vendors, Verticals.

5G Italy 2019,  which was sponsored (among others) by Nextworks and listed the 5G EVE Project among event partners, has seen 300+ attendees including top stakeholders of the Italian 5G community (regulatory authorities, research, industry and public administrations) and renowned keynote speakers from 6 foreign countries, who convened in Rome to discuss 5G challenges and opportunities in Media and Tourism, Industry 4.0, eHealth, Transports, Mobility and Automotive, Public Administration, Defence and Security. 

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