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Our contribution to OSM-MR10 Ecosystem Day: Intent-driven orchestration of Vertical Services

Our demo for OSM-MR10 Ecosystem Day 
During the talk, Francesca Moscatelli will show the automated scaling of a virtual Content Delivery Network performed upon the runtime evolution of the service's intent. The Vertical Slicer prototype developed by Nextworks has been integrated with ETSI Open Source MANO as NFV Orchestrator. Following the ETSI ENI approach, multi-layer data collected at virtual infrastructure and application feed a Cognitive Network Management system that recognizes changes in the service’s intents and takes optimization decisions for data-driven closed-loop automations.

5G future networks 
5G networks include several heterogeneous devices and technologies with the increasing complexity of network infrastructures and services that are affecting Service Providers’ management tasks. Orchestration, automation, analytics and AI/ML techniques are becoming important assets towards the implementation of automated network and service management procedures. At the same time, future networks will be intent-based, with the purpose of hiding such complexity and enabling network and service adaptation depending on business logic

About OSM Ecosystem Day 
OSM Ecosystem Day is an ETSI OSM hosted initiative for putting together key players in the OSM Ecosystem with the aim of sharing technical knowledge towards the rolling-out of business Use Cases (remote manufacturing, connected robots, autonomous vehicles, smart factory logistics and media services among the others). 

OSM Ecosystem Day Agenda

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