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Nextworks elected in the Governing Board of the 5G Infrastructure Association

At the 5G Infrastructure Association General Assembly, Nextworks has been elected for one of the 2 SME seats of the Governing Board of the 5G Infrastructure Association for the period 2021 - 2023.

The Board also includes 10 seats for large industry and 2 seats for research organizations. Nicola Ciulli, Head of Nextworks R&D, is the person in charge to be part of the Board.

5G IA is the collaborative research program on 5G in Europe and represents the world of private research in partnership with the public sector, represented by the European Commission. The collaboration between these realities generates solutions, architectures, technologies and standards for the communication infrastructures of the next decades.

"A great satisfaction - says Nextworks management - which is the confirmation of the good work we have done in the 5G IA Board since 2014, and in the various projects co-funded within the 5G PPP. A choice that demands us to take on even greater responsibility and define new, increasingly ambitious standards of performance and innovation in research".

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