We founded Nextworks in 2002, within the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications (DITEL) of the Consorzio Pisa Ricerche (CPR).

The company was born thanks to the contribution of the key figures of the "digital vague", a movement that, from the very beginning, made Pisa one of the centres of excellence in information technology and the Internet.

Nextworks team

The activity

We continuously generate know-how and transform it into highly innovative technology, targeted to various market sectors.

Our audio-video and automation and control platforms are delivered to smart building, luxury residential and yachting market areas. Our specialist consultancy services are aimed at major stakeholders in the telco market, and IT at large.

Team Company Nextworks

The spirit

Our inner core is the orientation towards the perfection of details. From coding to development, from design to implementation, each person finds in Nextworks the ideal environment for the care of details, a care that does not neglect the overall vision but declines it in every single element.

The people

A team and two specialised knowledge area: this is Nextworks, the place where research and development come together. Our team is made up of skills but also - and above all - of dialogue. The highly specialised units we have created are the most suitable response to the needs of our customers, who are always looking for top interdisciplinary solutions.

Gianluca Insolvibile

CEO & Managing Director

Nicola Ciulli

Head of Research & Innovation

Alessandro Martucci

Head of Sales & Marketing

Cristiano Bozzi

Head of Technical Solutions

Valentina Felli

Chief Financial Officer

Giacomo Bernini

Technical Coordinator KU

Giada Landi

Lead Architect KU

Giodi Giorgi

Senior Project Manager

Nicola Dicosmo

Head of Deployment

Vincenzo Memeo

Senior Project Manager

Tommaso Zini

XU Systems & Software Team Lead

Francesco Salvestrini

XU Systems & Software Team Lead

Giancarlo Meleleo

Sales Director

Andrea Gregori

Service Team