27-30 June 2016, Athens (Greece)

Continuing their fruitful dissemination of R&D results in top conferences, Nextworks researchers have delivered a RINA tutorial together with colleagues from the ARCFIRE and PRISTINE projects at EuCNC2016.

The half a day tutorial  focused on three research topics being investigated by PRISTINE (congestion management, security) and ARCFIRE (mobility, converged operator network design) and gave an update of two of the tools that can be used to play with RINA: the RINA simulator (RINAsim) and the IRATI implementation. Delegates from various countries have actively participated to the event, showing interest in Nextworks' research beyond TCP/IP.

This tutorial and other contributions by Nextworks R&D to EuCNC conference program (papers and workshop from 5G-Crosshaul) contributed to yet another successful EuCNC conference this year, the 25th edition of the series, with this year's motto: "The dawn of 5G"

More info and material here: http://ict-arcfire.eu/index.php/2016/07/06/arcfire-and-pristine-deliver-...