Effective R&D

There is an invisible point where thought and action meet. It is the exact point at which research becomes development. It is the moment when the opening of new scenarios becomes a concrete opportunity, a standard, a product.

For us, the quest for this point is the very essence of work, the common ground that unites the two souls of Nextworks.

On this ground, skills, visions and creativity give rise to a continuous exchange that goes beyond problems, processes critical issues and gives rise to new solutions.
The effectiveness of this exchange has only one measurement: the concrete impact.

Research & development areas

Continuously nurturing our know-how portfolio, whether applied to our product development or consultancy activities, is the aim of our research activity.

And we do this by participating in international co-operative projects, where we can work with high-profile global partners, increase our technological and knowledge assets, and nurture the Nextworks R&D brand on a European scale and beyond.

Software Defined Networking / Network Function Virtualization / Mobile Edge Computing for 5G

Software Defined Networking / Network Function Virtualization for datacenters & cloud

Internet of Things and Industrial IoT platforms for Smart Buildings and Smart Factories

5G Trials and Key Performance Indicator validation

Networking beyond the Horizon


A selection of the most significant activities we are working on. These projects represent a wide range of skills and capabilities of our team, valuable assets that we put at the service of shared goals and objectives.


Developing the foundations of 6G deployment is the aim of this project, started in early 2021 by a broad consortium including all the major European players in the telco domain. The consortium is composed of key telecommunications stakeholders: operators, tech providers, manufacturers, universities, research centres and SMEs.


Starts in 2019 with the aim of developing solutions for the “zero-touch” management of services, networks and security in shared environments. The project’s consortium includes European and non- partners with a consolidated experience in 5G networks and related enabling technologies.


Implementing the synergy between AI and society is the main objective of this project, which aims at boosting industries through intelligent tools in support of human decisions. Knowledge has started at the beginning of 2021 involving twelve European partners, the project’s results will be demonstrated in the context of three different manufacturing sectors (food, plastic-car parts and gear-car-machinery).