Beyond SDN/NFV: RINA workshop @ SDN World Congress 2016

10-14 October 2016, The Hague (Netherlands)

Nextworks R&D has actively participated to SDN World Congress this year, in The Hague, Netherlands.

After two and half years of research and development of protocol stacks for the Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA), we had a lively workshop on RINA in the very SDN/NFV craddle, animated together with our colleagues from the PRISTINE and ARCFIRE projects. 

This version of the workshop was targetted and attracted industrial communities (representatives of key initiatives, manufacturers, service providers) and allowed us to show how RINA is a new way of delivering network function virtualisation (NFV) providing clean-slate layer 2 agnostic networking, application specific namespaces for billions of IDs and isolated ‘Network Slices’ for end to end services.

With over 100 supporting partners and sponsors, and 1,500+ delegates, the SDN World Congress has established itself as the principal network innovation conference in Europe for the global telecommunications industry.

Nextworks was right there in the middle of it with teh PRISTINE/ARCFIRE Stand (Booth 112 on the 1st Floor) and the workshop.

More info and material here: