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Know-how at the service of designers.

We allowed ourselves to be interviewed by ArchiSax, an Italian architect and content creator. His curiosity enabled us to discuss architecture and technology and their potential future developments. The conversation with Alessandro Martucci, one of the founders of Nextworks, retraces parts of our history, telling the present reality in which we operate.
This content aims to encourage designers to collaborate with experienced technicians in the realization of complex integrated systems. As emerges from the dialogue, collaboration between different and complementary professional figures is the best way to enhance the quality of the final result.

What does it mean to be an innovative system integrator?

Technical precision and creativity

We define 'Foundry' as a set of activities that include project management and consultancy services for the creation of visionary environments and solutions - large or small - that do not find an immediate placement and require the innovative combination of market products.

The sum of our activities and knowledge continually leads us to experiment with new application solutions in the field of technology associated with the luxury world.

From idea to realization

We collaborate closely with various entities, between partnerships and different projects, bringing our know-how into multifaceted and surprising contexts. From dynamic solutions for presenting new market products to the creation of immersive spaces for distributing audio-video content in unconventional settings.

For example, we tailor-made an interactive bar counter for a luxury villa in Tuscany, with a LED wall on the front side and two multi-touch interactive surfaces on top. The high brightness suitable for night viewing is combined with a high-performance multitouch system (handling up to 100 simultaneous commands) and managed by software capable of interaction with graphic effects, games, images, and videos, as well as tangible object recognition.

Through every detail, up to the content

By complementing our products with both the capabilities of our software development team and those of our operational team in the field, and relying on our extensive network of external collaborators, we are the ideal partner for the realization of projects that would otherwise remain mere ideas.
For example, in the depths of the lower deck of the IJE Gigayacht – a work made in Cantieri Benetti – there is a Night Club where we have implemented a unique Virtual Aquarium.
A photorealistic tropical scenario, with real movements of marine life, visible through 5 portholes, with fish and environments designed according to the tastes and choices of the owner.

We address designers

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