NXW Foundry

What is possible is beyond; you just need to know how to look.

In Nextworks Foundry we realize what does not exist in reality yet, things, tools and projects that visionary minds can look at, and which those who stop at the possible cannot see. The act of casting is ancient, it is taking elements and objects and transforming them into materials that did not exist before. It is about shaping something new, through countless actions, interactions and reactions. 

At Nextworks Foundry we relearn to look, to direct our gaze, to take it beyond, to where vision creates.
Here the act of casting becomes modern, becomes future.

Our customers dreams come true


The Artwall is a composition of monitors with any orientation and size, with a unique, free and creative final shape. Our powerful software engine can make the flow pass from one area of this macro-display to another, and manage videos freely on one or more screens.

A tailor-made reality based on a visionary idea


Innovation in its purest form

Custom-made for a luxury villa in Tuscany, the interactive Multitouch bar counter has a ledwall on the front side, and two interactive multitouch surfaces at the top.
The counter will consist of one or more interactive high-brightness displays, with a high-performance multitouch system (up to 100 simultaneous touches managed).

The interactive entertainment software allows the interaction with graphic effects, games, images and videos, as well as the object recognition.
The surface animation is customizable, with a wide choice of effects and graphic solutions.

counter touch

Interactive<br> counter touch


Luxury meets technology

An interface designed to the world of luxury wine and food. By placing the bottle on the surface of this interactive table, the interface will recognize the wine and its vintage, and fetches information about the territories of origin, the vineyard, the production cellars, the tasting notes… it’s all accessible through an exclusive, unique experience.


The whole ocean at your fingertips

Deep in the lower deck of IJE Gigayacht, built by Cantieri Benetti, there is a Night Club, where Nextworks has deployed a very original and tailor made Virtual Aquarium. 

A photorealistic tropical scenario is visible through 5 portholes; fishes and settings have been designed based on the tastes and choices of the shipowner.

Virtual Aquarium

Virtual Aquarium
Virtual Aquarium
Virtual Aquarium

Digital Jukebox

Reviving an icon of the past in a modern key

The user experience is inspired by an old jukebox, displayed on an interactive multitouch surface, a skin with the unique simplicity of the alphanumeric selection... but with a 2020 "engine" inside, personalized playlists, unlimited content.
Simple to use and configure, it is perfectly integrated with a full featured high quality audio system.
With the digital jukebox is extremely easy to select contents and arrange them in personalized playlist for themed evenings: 80s, Jazz, Dance, 70s Disco party etc ..
Enjoy the old fashioned jukebox in a completely new graphics, with a lot of functionalities never seen before.