NEXTWORKS S.R.L. has submitted a project on the POR FESR 2014-2020 Action 1.1.2
Call A "Support to MPMIs for the acquisition of services for innovation", approved by Executive Decree no. 16807 of 19 October 2018, rectified by Executive Decree no. 19551 of 07 December 2018:

"Nextcellar and Stop Paper with PAPERINO"
Project financed within the framework of the POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020
Admitted investment: € 88,200.00
Grant awarded: € 47,601.80


Temporary Management:

The project provided for the insertion of two managerial figures to whom the Companyprovided all the powers necessary for the execution of their tasks, bringing a training contribution that allowed the interaction and integration of the management systems in use, with the imagined solutions and with the introduction of a product designed for a new market segment. This enabled the staff involved in the project to increase their knowledge and skills, including from a technological point of view. People were able to highlight personality traits and reflect on their own approach to issues concerning: creativity, motivation, values, their professionalism, the workplace and interpersonal relationships.

The project is aimed at improving the company in terms of: positive impact on users/beneficiaries, on the community and territory, on employees/workers.

    • Improvement of the performance parameters, of the expected results on competitiveness and profitability; of the market prospects and of the employment effects, as indicated in the previous sections of the report.
    • Improvement of organisational processes resulting from the contribution of TM in the current operations of the entire integrated cycle of the company.
    • Enhancement of the corporate image.
    • With this project, the company intends to involve the realities that operate in the territory, seeking to have a positive impact on the community of reference.
    • The project has given more space to the creativity and autonomy in safety of the workers, motivating them more, increasing their interpersonal relationship skills and professionalism.


PAPERiNO-PAPER" patented system (NO PAPER):

The company has implemented the patented "PAPERiNO-PAPER" (Paperless) System.
The most significant elements of this System are as follows:

  • The first is the innovation (discontinuity) brought to our Company and given by the innovative approach that the System applies to the problem of health and safety of workers, moving from the technical - engineering and regulatory - bureaucratic approach to an organisational and behavioural approach, through motivation, involvement, knowledge and awareness.
  • The second element is the adoption of innovative management and operational mechanisms capable of minimising the burden of paper records required by the various company requirements and/or applicable mandatory regulations.
This System makes it possible to make simple, flexible and at the same time complete and rigorous the compilation (drafting), transmission, archiving and traceability of records, the lack of which can cause inefficiencies, penalties and other serious consequences.