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Deliveries in the year 2023: Innovations for Hospitality Structures

The year 2023 has been a period of extraordinary commitment and success for us in the field of automation and control, with a particular emphasis on projects dedicated to hospitality and tertiary structures.

For Farmaé, we have revamped the solutions for their digital signage, providing customers with the ability to manage signal flow across multiple screens within their business. Additionally, we offered access control solutions at the Arbed Smart Center in Canton Ticino—a multifunctional location that includes co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and rooms with catering and wellness services.

Not limited to luxury alone, we have utilized our expertise to make every environment more comfortable, offering tailor-made solutions for the building market. For the Erdis student residences in Marche, we implemented an access control system connecting multiple structures to provide a simple dashboard for comparing the consumption of various buildings. The owner can have control over all their buildings through a single app, while individual managers can have real-time insights into specific systems, detecting anomalies in advance.

Our dedication to Comfort Living through home automation solutions found further expression at the Hotel Miratorre in Pisa. Here, the integration of home automation solutions allowed for personalized room management, ensuring complete control from lighting to climate, security, access control, and infotainment. Similarly, for the Olivo Country Club resort, our home automation system transformed the thermal suites into a modern, energy-efficient structure, providing guests with a relaxing experience and the facility with monitoring and technical alerts via Telegram notifications.

We always deliver modular and tailored solutions to meet customer needs, extending beyond luxury contexts. For Dentista TV in Massa, in addition to access control, we implemented interactive whiteboards and lighting control in their meeting rooms. All solutions integrated Energy Management systems to maximize efficiency, contributing to the creation of an environmentally friendly yet consumption-conscious environment.

In summary, we had the honor in 2023 of contributing to various projects, providing solutions for both luxury and common-use hospitality, always with an eye on the future. The future is indeed a central theme for us. We are continually active in innovating our Symphony product, used in both luxury residences and tertiary structures, even participating in pilot projects.

In ODSEEC, a residential complex in Milan, we applied some of our diverse experiences in the fields of BMS/BAS (Building Management and Automation Systems), Home Automation, and Energy Management, and distributed systems to propose an innovative approach to two distinct but closely related issues: optimizing energy efficiency while ensuring comfort and environmental health.

We thank our clients for their trust and the opportunity to contribute to the success of their projects. We look to the future with the same passion and dedication we have had for twenty years, ready to embrace new challenges and offer cutting-edge solutions in the coming year.


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