The experience of living discovers a new dimension

Scenery, environment, ecosystem, refuge, fortress. A place to live is all this and much more. Or perhaps a place to live is primarily two things, intimacy and similarity.

For us, making the experience of a place to live unique means respecting intimacy. To make sure that the house resembles those who live in it, we transform technology and make it simple, sensitive, close to the way of being of those who choose according to their desires, to their uniqueness.


Behind every instrument there are art, genius, technique, time and creativity. And then there is the person who uses it, who must be able to feel it as part of him/herself. For this reason, an instrument cannot lack a part that we can define with a single word: humanity.

Security, surveillance, lights, climate, sound, automation, consumption management, intelligent reaction to moods, dynamic reconfiguration of the home automation system is what you can do with technology. We add an element: simplicity, that's why we create control interfaces that do not need to be understood because they look at the house with the same eyes of those who live in it. 

Everything is an experience, for the feelings it raises and for the way it is created. Our role is to be there, at the very point where design, vision, desires and the future can create new life experiences, new environments in which sensations, emotions and stories are born. Our role is to translate all of this into high-end technology and bring it back into control interfaces that are themselves unique experiences, sensations, emotions, stories.


"Simplicity is the extreme limit of experience"
George Sand

Innovation without complexity


Back in 2005, Symphony made the TVset talk to the lights, and the thermostat talk to the cameras.
Today, when the paradigm is “always-connected”, Symphony moves on from integration towards ambient intelligence: an intelligent home that saves money, learns behaviours and anticipates needs.


Technology is now at home, home is now technology.
This is contemporary and this is where Nextworks provides simplicity to those who want maximum control of technology.
This is where Nextworks, by developing state-of-the-art technology, makes it accessible with the most common gestures, just the ones needed to start an app.


Symphony is not just a new home automation system, it's a platform that bridges different technologies together.
Symphony is a completely open system; it can integrate state of the art technology, it is modular and scalable, it can evolve seamlessly over time.
Symphony is already able to integrate today the digital devices of tomorrow.

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