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Management centers, offices, commercial spaces and conference rooms have different needs, sharing the need for control, supervision and smart management.

Transforming communications, conferences, videoconferences, digital signage, from challenging problems to simple tasks that can be supervised and conducted simultaneously with extreme simplicity. 
This is the facilitating role of technological solutions that, by introducing a smart management, open up new spaces for design, productivity and business development.


Museum communication also enters a new era thanks to Symphony's Ambient Intelligence, with multi-sensory, visitor interaction and cross-media direction possibilities that provide artists and exhibition designers with a palette of infinite possibilities.
And then there are the retail spaces, which are transformed into highly emotional experiences and total involvement thanks to the total flexibility of advanced technology and domotics.
Automation is a competitive advantage that can give the maximum return only when the technology is robust, user-friendly and developed with a view to total compatibility.

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Symphony also manages the supervision of environments where the interaction between the technical control of audio/video equipment and interactive communication technologies is particularly advanced.

Digital signage

The Digital Signage Networks solution transforms any display, from a small TV to a large screen, into an interactive and easy-to-use marketing tool in real time.
With a simple web management, it is possible to integrate social networks, TripAdvisor profile, news, weather forecast, nearby events, multimedia playlists, with total remote control.


Whether small meeting rooms (e.g. huddle rooms) or large auditoriums, Symphony integrates technical conference control with the most widely used web-based video conferencing solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet etc.

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