A building able to think and manage itself

The paradigm that sees the basic building subsystems, from the electrical plant to HVAC, from perimeter security to air quality, as separate entities to be managed in a dedicated, inefficient and rigid manner is in its twilight years. Building management has entered a new era: the era of the Cognitive Building.

Thanks to IoT technologies, connectivity and intelligent systems, all the parameters of a building, from those about energy consumption to those related to the habits and needs of people, contribute to create thinking buildings, which can manage, anticipate, save, suggest interventions and maintenance.


Starting from safety and ending with the comfort of the single apartment, technology and interfaces allow an absolutely extraordinary living and management experience. But the advantages go on: less consumption, damage prevention, granular identification of the problem, automation of learning and decisions, surveys and reports in real time.

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Points of strength


Symphony is a Building Management System, a complete suite of software tools for the management, control and monitoring of technical systems within the building, regardless of the specific technology used (BACnet, LonWorks, Konnex, OPC, Modbus).

BMS in the cloud

Symphony's innovative Building Management as-a-service paradigm offers opportunities such as scalable service architecture, security and privacy in data management, customised technical dashboards, and predictive diagnostics.

Event manager

Symphony is fully customisable, allowing you to log generated events, automatically archive trend-logs, energy logs, user activity and alarm history.
Human-designed graphical interfaces make it intuitive to identify and locate the recorded alarm or fault.

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