Talking of Immersive User Experiences in Smart Spaces at Visions for Future Communications Summit

23 October 2017, Lisbon (PT)

Nextworks has participated to the Visions for Future Communications Summit, hold in Lisbon on 23-24 October 2017 and organized by the Networld2020 ETP with the support of 5G Infrastructure Association, the European Commission, the IEEE and National Science Foundation.

The 2-days event has grouped  leaders from research, industry and governments form EU and US, to discuss their visions of the future of communications beyond 5G.

Dr. Gino Carrozzo, deputy head of R&D at Nextworks, has presented Nextworks' vision on future communications beyond 2020.

For Nextworks the future communication network beyond 5G should be capable to offer truly immersive user experiences, across the various scenarios of smart living, e-Health and Smart Industry and specifically:
  • Complement the cognitive and autonomic network service end-to-end orchestration with network and non-network  functions, to allow the flexible allocation of functions from edge to edge or from edge to cloud
  • Offer programmable analytics to the application layer through open interfaces, including raw and analytics-based location based on multiple sources of information (network, devices, user tracking, etc.)
  • Support more intelligence at the edge for both long lasting computation (e.g. more lightweight VIM than a full OpenStack) and for inconsistent traffic patterns (e.g. from sensors with serverless/ Function as a Service approaches) 

Lively discussions with the audience occurred also in an interesting panel on "What will be the limits of control intelligence?" in which Dr. Carrozzo participated  with A. Hecker (Huawei Technologies), D. Lopez (Telefonica), F. Davoli (U. Genoa / CNIT), S. Pietrzyk (IS-Wireless).

More info on the VFCS event and speakers are available at:

Vision presented by Nextworks evolves works done by the company with the support of the H2020 SELFNET project: