Showcasing the COSIGN Virtual Data Centre at ECOC2016

19-21 September, Dusseldorf (Germany)

Nextworks researchers have demonstrated optical switching and dynamically reconfigurable overlay on a conventional Ethernet network, fully integrated with SDN control and orchestration mechanisms at ECOC 2016 this year.

Numerous visitors and delegates at Polatis Stand No. 616 have had the possibility to deep dive into COSIGN solutions and experienced how the automated creation of VMs and the joint configuration of network flows in the hybrid optical+Ethernet data plane is possible through the integration of OpenStack, OpenDaylight SDN controller and OpenFlow protocol.

Nextworks researchers have had a key role in implementing this new SDN scenario for the next stage of Data Centre Network (DCN) solutions

COSIGN features several hardware and software advances, including but not limited to:

  • SDN control and orchestration leveraging existing open-source elements, including OpenFlow, OpenStack, OpenDaylight and Open Virtual Network
  • Novel fibres and optical switches for increased DC network capacity and reduced latency

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