Network, Communications & Cloud

High value-added services with one key element: risk avoidance. Network armouring, perimeter control of infrastructures, device security, data protection and privacy. For us, this is security, which we also support with the continuous improvement of networks, data centres and connectivity.


Connected at all times and under all network load conditions. NxGate systems and Smart Interface optimize the resources to be made available to each connected device and user. Load balancing ensures maximum throughput and speed, even in the most extreme marine situations. Profiling flexibility allows specific permissions to be set for each connected device or group of users/devices.

solution communications newtworks


All of the smart communication in a single system that leverages traditional lines and network access to offer connection quality, multimedia, VoIP, home automation interfaces, mobile telephony, video conferencing, advanced customizable features and all the security you need.


Total remote control over all aspects of yachts or buildings, selective access per user, monitoring on route, energy, access, surveillance, appliances, home automation scenarios, environmental parameters, security videocasts, fuel, energy storage systems. The complexity of management becomes simple with intuitive interfaces, secure with secure connections and real-time because always-on-line.