Network, Communications & Cloud

Looking for advanced solutions for network management in both luxury residential environments and on exclusive yachts? We are specialized system integrators offering tools to examine network traffic, bandwidth details, protocols in use, data flows, and other aspects related to network communication.
As system integrators, we employ the majority of tools available in the market to monitor and analyze traffic on local and wider networks. As a technological provider, we have developed our dedicated tool ― nxGate, built around the needs of our clients, creating a product focused on ease of use ― and we add it to the list of possible solutions.


In the yachting context, one of our primary market sectors, these tools prove to be indispensable. For instance, do you want to allow the crew to use email or Skype without worrying about excessive downloads when the owner is on board? With our solutions, you can define who can access certain services, blocking unwanted ones.

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Immerse yourself in the luxury of advanced network management, with solutions that go beyond simple firewalls, offering sophisticated and secure control for exclusive villas and yachts. Flexibility in real-time bandwidth management, combined with parental control features, statistics, and reports, ensures total control over user-generated traffic and increased living comfort.


Gain remote control over all aspects of yachts or buildings: selective user access, telephony, route monitoring, energy, access control, surveillance, home automation scenarios, environmental parameters, security video casting, fuel, and energy storage systems. The complexity of management becomes simple through intuitive interfaces, secure with protected connections, and in real-time.