The ultimate movie

Video on Demand

Nextworks entertainment services turn your environment into an enthralling living space, unleashing sounds and images, engaged and controlled in an extremely easy way, through sleek and sophisticated control units.

Our Video on demand technology allows you to treat your guests with thousands of movie titles and hundred hours of music, all of this immediately accessible from any media station.

To provide you with the widest choice of A/V devices, our products seamlessly integrates with any display, TV screen, amplifier and speaker currently on the market, as well as with all the major remote control brands (like RTITM, CrestronTM, AMXTM) and, of course, with your iPhoneTM, iPadTM devices.


Many Systems, One Simple Control

Nextworks pays particular attention to the layout, functionality and graphical look of our controllers User Interface. We have dedicated programmers and graphics staff to make sure the Apps are intuitive, simple to use, attractive and... tailor made.