Multimedia anywhere, anytime. The entertainment paradigm is changing and, thanks to Symphony, becomes portable, adaptable, totally customisable on any device, for any format and on any medium.

Digital Signage Networks

Terminals are transformed into an accurate and powerful marketing and communication tool for shopping malls, museums, conference centres, hotels, restaurants... The possibilities? Virtually infinite: from broadcasting to social networking, from media playlists to news.


Sound furnishing

The era of speakers and loudspeakers is over. Natural, high-fidelity sound comes from objects and structural elements such as floors and walls. A 360° bouquet of frequencies that excite.

An unrivalled list of titles

Whether on the server, locally on individual devices or on demand, an unlimited database of movies, series, music, live streaming and personal content makes the entertainment experience even more unique.


A/V Designer

The installer tool that simplifies customization, by providing a graphical interface for system design. Defining the various elements becomes easy, fast and intuitive: connection schemes, data streams, A/V sources, amplifiers, matrixes, extenders, TVs, projectors, and much more.