Comfort living

We seek to balance home automation and design. If you are interested in solutions to create dynamic environments where you can experience luxury, Nextworks is the ideal partner. We follow customised projects to allow you to experience your home in style. For 20 years we have been working in the yachting and residential markets, assisting taste in choosing the best combinations to meet the needs of elegance required in the luxury 
world and developing the necessary software for system integration.

The our vision

Comfort living for us means paying attention to details, to the harmony that is capable of  creating an intelligent environment, because when all devices dialogue with each other, life  is transformed


Our achievement

If an interior designer pays attention to the visible surface of a room, such as choosing the  right sized furniture arranged in a functional way, we make the invisible connections between objects and sensors to achieve unique home automation scenarios, balanced in the aspects of temperature, light, sound and video distribution, with monitoring and security possibilities.

The ideal partner

We work with architecture firms, light designers and other professionals to identify, thanks to our technical know-how, the best choices for achieving home automation and intelligent environment projects. The perfect collaboration between those who know what you want and those who know how to achieve it. Thanks to this, you can also perform and manage all home controls via our simple Symphony interface.

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