Comfort living

Is it possible to create an ideal atmosphere? Is it possible to change the perception of space? Is it possible to make an environment fit for its inhabitants? The answer is definite yes. All of this is possible, and much, much more...

Light design

From lighting to light design, a world of creative possibilities, thanks to total control of intensity, light frequency and colour temperature. A single gesture to manage brightness, set scenarios, interact with natural light.

Ambient intelligence


App, touch panel or browser, and then just the desire to live in the climate you want. Individual devices, complex systems, any type of air conditioning, everything becomes simple and flexible. Temperature, humidity and ventilation can now be tailored for each room, each moment, each occasion.

Home automation

When rooms, devices and networks communicate under the management of an intelligent system, life is transformed. Every place becomes continuous construction, confrontation, interaction. Home automation transforms a space into a partner that listens, reacts, learns, avoids risks and optimises energy consumption.