Building Management

Symphony BMS can interface with any automation control system, based on both standard protocols and proprietary solutions. The Symphony BMS is a comprehensive cloud-based software suite of building management tools. It allows to monitor and control diverse building automation systems, by integrating different protocols under a coordinated, unified management level with an open and modular approach.

A new step in energy management

Awareness, convenience and savings. These are the advantages of Symphony Energy Manager, the easy-to-understand and easy-to-use tool that shows, manages and optimises energy production and consumption in a fully configurable manner.


Building Management as a Service

Symphony Cloud enables you to manage your building technology systems from any authorised remote terminal. Its innovative paradigm implements a scalable architecture that includes data security and privacy, customised dashboards and business intelligence. To ensure maximum privacy, a Symphony BMS can be installed as a BMaaS (Building Management as a Service) or on a private cloud infrastructure.


Nextworks video surveillance allows real-time control of cameras from any enabled device. Security comes first, thanks to a continuous technical monitoring of any kind of data, obtained by integrating sensors and complete systems (anti-intrusion, access control, smoke detectors, video analysis systems, etc.). The data can be accessed via customisable digital interfaces, integrated with CCTV circuits. A powerful alarm management tool is included in our comprehensive and reliable security offering.


PasSy access control and management

Everything under control with the PasSy smart access management system. Monitoring, scalable and customizable permissions, definition of access levels, route tracking. All in one single efficient, intuitive and fully configurable tool.

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