Lighting design

Perfect lighting, always: possible with a lighting plan

In an increasingly digitalised and interconnected world, partnerships between professionals from different disciplines has become increasingly important to achieve high-quality results.

In the field of architecture, this synergy is particularly important between a light designer and a system integrator to generate environments that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, because light is one of the pillars of architecture and its correct integration is the key for a successful project.

The right light can transform a space, making it larger, more airy and more dynamic. It is therefore essential to involve a lighting expert from the early stages of the design alongside a system integrator who ensures the correct implementation of the lighting plan, to ensure that the light is adequately integrated into the environment and can help create comfortable and functional spaces.


Home Automation

Light plays a crucial role in the architectural planning and interior design of domestic environments and its management through home automation allows for the creation of dynamic environments based on the individual preferences of the various users capable of going beyond mere light. Nextworks is at your side to realise your visions and create luxurious and technological environments — both indoors and outdoors — capable of integrating cutting-edge aesthetics and functionality

System Integrator

For the optimal performance of an architectural project, therefore, the collaboration between a light designer and a system integrator is necessary, but turning to Nextworks is more than this. It is the possibility of integrating the lighting project with home automation and with a versatile and easy-to-manage platform and it also means putting an expert at your side in cases of complex projects with development needs, being Nextworks a company founded from R&D and continuously involved in research projects in the field of telecommunications.



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