Sharing know-how is part of the mission of our R&D area

The highly specialised services we provide develop into various types of activity in specific macro areas of competence and are always tailored to customer’s requirements.

Our areas of expertise are developed around:

  • 5G, NFV, MEC, SDN, Architecture & tools 
  • Networks solution: design, development & support to I&V
  • Cloud-Native IoT Solution: design & development

Technical Project Management and Strategic Support

All that concerns the management of complex activities and/or of a strategic nature, which must meet quality standards, strict adherence to timelines and the need to interface with project phases, systems, teams.

Tailor-made software design and development

A software design and development service that starts with an analysis of requirements, objectives, timelines and overall technical needs, and is carried out through an autonomous plan, but fully aligned to the customer’s needs and timelines.

Support in design/ integration/ validation activities

Everything the customer needs downstream of the product development phase, whether in-house or outsourced: setup of proof-of-concepts, demos, through to support in all the product Integration & Validation phases.

Specialist training

From the transfer of theoretical assets to on-the-job training, a specialised service constantly aligned with the state-of-the-art and beyond, and modulated by experience and skills profile of the trainees.