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To realise your visions and create luxurious and technological environments — both indoors and outdoors — that integrate cutting-edge aesthetics and functionality, we are committed to working closely with you to ensure that our automation systems are properly integrated into the structure and into the aesthetics of the environment.

Nextworks stands out for its R&D department, which enables us to work alongside architects as a solution provider. In other words, we are able to develop, where required, the technology necessary to implement your most ambitious and imaginative projects in the luxury market, thus going further than any solution that can be implemented by a system integrator.

We offer high-quality automation solutions and excellent consultancy services, and are committed to supporting architects in realising their projects. We are ready to work with you to create luxury villas or boats that meet your expectations and those of your clients.


Our range

Where a system integrator would simply install and configure the systems without being able to provide broader consultancy or the necessary development, we offer support and the specialist consultancy necessary to get the most out of a project.

We select a wide range of high quality hardware and software components to meet the specific needs of each project; and we have a dense network of suppliers and strategic partners.


We offer a comprehensive solution that includes the creation of graphic concepts to assist you in finding the best solutions more easily to make your projects effective.

Our support helps architects identify the most suitable and lasting solutions, follows the installation and configuration of the systems, up to their implementation and with a subsequent assistance service.



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