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Coordinating different systems that speak a babel of languages, synchronising equipment that travels with different rhythms, interfacing structures that process different data formats is possible, indeed necessary, to ensure that the management of an ambient becomes pleasant, efficient and safe. That's why we developed Symphony, designed for the end-user but built from a deep understanding of the operating logic of software, devices and protocols.

Symphony is technological integration for home automation. Symphony is the universal and open platform where functions and services can be connected at any time with minimal impact on the building: a highly customisable and future-proof investment.


Why Symphony


With a single interface – e.g. programmable remote controls, touch panels, TVs, PCs, iPhones, iPads – the whole house is under your complete control: video surveillance, phone calls and voicemail, home automation and much more.


Symphony allows to control all the aspects related to energy consumption in your home, and makes the different subsystems “talk” to each other: lighting and air conditioning, power generation and loads control, etc. No more energy waste, and green light to savings on the costs of facility management! The adoption of this system allows to achieve higher grades in the energy certification of buildings.

Symphony adopts a unified graphical interface, for an easy and intuitive usage of the system. Its installation has a low architectural impact, and the compatibility with peripherals and devices of any brand guarantee total design freedom.

Symphony showreel

The Made in Nextworks solution that allows total automation of villas, buildings and commercial buildings.
Symphony is 100% customizable and 100% compatible with existing system architectures.

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The exclusive program that sees the collaboration of the most important specialized partners in a training course that certifies Official Symphony Partners.

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