Marine automation technology for the complete integration of on-board systems.

Sailing through the waves in perfect safety is the necessary basis to make a yacht the ideal extension of its owner, a person scanning the horizon and looking for new landings.


This is Sealux

Sealux is an all-in-one platform that makes universal compatibility and extreme ease of use its strong points in the marine automation market. Sealux transforms the yachting experience into full-immersion exclusivity: starting from 360° safety, with Sealux any aspect of living on board becomes manageable in a simple, flexible and personalised way. Sealux is compatible with existing onboard functions, but it is also the ideal platform to fulfil all the new requirements of ship designers and owners.

What Sealux does

Sealux manages onboard multimedia entertainment, communication, all-round yacht management, safety, interfacing between ground systems and onboard equipment, diagnostics, remote assistance, navigation systems, comfort living. All this with personalised and  programmable dashboards, which can be tailor-made for each user and device. All with intuitive, multilingual, effective and ergonomic interfaces.


Sealux plus

Design phase
  • Understand Sealux: the best way to fully understand and appreciate the power within the Sealux system is to try it with any of its control devices, and to check its quality face to face. Book your appointment today, and dive into the countless possibilities brought to you by Sealux.
  • Meet the Sealux professionals: share the customer’s aspirations and visualize how the system can fulfill them to an optimum extent.
Deployment phase
  • Customizing the system: during the installation phase, the technical staff at Nextworks will supervise all the activities for the network deployment, the device configuration, and the system setup.
  • Crew Training: once the system is installed, Nextworks will take care of training the crew staff to best exploit the system functions and power.
Operational phase
  • System Configuration
  • Upgrade and Remote Assistance
  • After Sales

Download area

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Exploring new seas in full technology

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