NxWall device family

Quickly choose which communication services should be enabled at any time, and let the Smart Interface optimize speed and reliability of your Internet access by exploiting multiple channels in parallel.

Owner’s and Guests’ Internet speed is essential when they are on board, NXwall’s flexible service manager is an effective tool to assign bandwidth shares, limit speed and partition access to selected channels to different groups of users.

Do you want to let the Guests use emails and Skype, but prevent them to download large files or using facebook while the Owner is on board? Prevent video streaming on expensive or non-flat channels? Setup policies per user/group/channel to decide who can use which application, blocking unwanted services.

Smart & Easy Maritime Communications

Smart Interfaces

All the functions are easily accessed with a simple web browser through a clear and intuitive drag ‘n drop interface. No skilled technicians required and no dedicated software to install – everything can be done even from a tablet or smartphone.

Load Balancing

Bandwidth at sea is never enough: combine multiple channels (e.g. VSAT + 4G) to sum up their speed and get the most out of your connections.

Easy Administration

User creation and group management has never been easier: graphically associate people to their devices and to the groups they belong to, and administrate your network with a few mouse clicks.  A captive portal function is also available to provide a professional network access service for passing guests.

Nextworks’ NXwall

Flexible Channel Manager

specifically designed for consumers by consumers and network experts

Smart and Easy Interface

User’s Management and Bandwidth Control

Real Time Information

Advanced Firewall

Remote Access