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Yacht deliveries in 2023

Our well-established activity as a system integrator in the yachting sector continued in 2023, where we delivered 17 yachts for Benetti, Overmarine, and Baglietto shipyards.

Benetti: BY001, FB605, FB606, FB607, FB608, FB285 

Overmarine: OVM44-01, OVM45-03, OVM33-06, OVM104-04, OVM39-01, OVM104-05, OVM44-03, OVM165REV-02 

Baglietto: C10242, C10243, C10244

All these luxury yachts required meticulous integration of technologies to ensure comfort, entertainment, connectivity, communication, video surveillance, and advanced monitoring.

The main goal of our clients, as always, is to create a high-level living environment with cutting-edge entertainment services and a reliable communication network, all seamlessly integrated into the vessel with great attention to design.

We remain flexible and close to the customer, thanks to our know-how that, involving multiple technologies, always allows the customer to choose their ideal solutions. For those who need or prefer editable and modular scenarios, we recommended our Sealux product, designed for life at sea based on Crestron but expanding its capabilities. For clients who did not require custom graphics or other customization needs, we installed Crestron, of which we are official dealers.

Regarding comfort living, advanced systems for climate and lighting control have been implemented on all vessels, ensuring maximum comfort in both navigation and at anchor. Simultaneously, entertainment systems, including screens, TV lifts, surround sound, and access to a wide range of multimedia content, have been installed to provide a first-class entertainment experience.

It is worth mentioning the Benetti FB285 yacht, where invisible audio solutions were installed, with hidden audio exciters that allow for an even greater immersion in music or movies, creating a true sound bubble.

On all vessels, communication networks were designed and implemented to ensure stable and fast connectivity, allowing continuous content consumption without interruption, anywhere and at any time, even in open waters. At the same time, high-definition video surveillance systems were integrated to ensure onboard security, providing a detailed view of all critical areas of the vessel.

To monitor the status of onboard systems, an advanced monitoring system was implemented, providing real-time information to the shipyard through our Sealux cloud, a cloud-based solution for remote access to information and controls.

All these integrations were carried out with the utmost attention to safety, energy efficiency, and respect for the structural specifications of the vessel. The final result is a technologically advanced environment that offers an unparalleled luxury sailing experience on all vessels.

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