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Results of our R&D in 2023

2023 has been a rewarding year for the R&D team. Numerous research projects on 5G networks have successfully concluded, receiving unanimous acclaim in the scientific community for the achieved results. Our participation in conferences, workshops, and international events such as IEEE ICC 2023, EuCNC 2023, Space2Connect 2023, IEEE World Forum on the Internet of Things, and the 4th Visions for Future Communications Summit allowed us to showcase demos and prototypes developed throughout the year and to discuss new opportunities and research streams with our partners.

Now, it's time to envision the new 6G network, incorporating Artificial Intelligence techniques for network control and management, Network Digital Twins to support planning and network automation, network security, integration of satellite networks, and the deployment of private networks seamlessly integrated with edge/cloud platforms and IoT.  All in support of increasingly innovative and sustainable vertical services in key sectors such as Industry 4.0, energy management, transportation and logistics, and automotive. We are addressing these issues in the Horizon Europe and ESA ARTES projects initiated in 2023 (Hexa-X-II, PREDICT-6G, ADROIT-6G, TrialsNet, QSNP, SURPRISE, 5G-HOSTS-SAT . Additionally, we are embarking on three new Horizon Europe projects in January 2024 (INTEND, ENVELOPE, and ROBUST-6G) focusing on intent-based network management, trials of automotive services on mobile network infrastructures, and security in 6G networks.

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