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Public and Private Residential Systems Deliveries 2023

Our well-established experience as a system integrator in the residential sector continued in 2023, with the delivery of 7 luxurious private villas, 2 beach resorts, and 4 hotels.

We define "comfort living" as our comprehensive solution tailored for the residential market, with a particular focus on the luxury sector. Home automation, entertainment, connectivity, video surveillance, and advanced monitoring are typical aspects associated with our Symphony product—an interface designed to manage all aspects of a residence, harmonizing with the spatial design.

In the various private villas scattered between Tuscany and Liguria where Symphony has been implemented, it represents highly integrated high technology, seamlessly blending with the lives of our clients in terms of form and style.

The total control we have over the product, both in terms of development and UX/UI interface, allows individual clients to create custom graphics tailored to the space in which it is intended for use. Our graphic design team works closely with clients because in Symphony, everything is customizable—not only the choice of services to be automated but also the final result, involving everything from the style of the interface to the icons.

All properties have been equipped with advanced systems for climate and lighting control, and communication networks have been designed and implemented to ensure stable and fast connectivity, creating living environments of maximum comfort.

To ensure security, high-definition video surveillance systems have been installed, allowing a detailed view of all critical areas of the properties. Additionally, an advanced monitoring system has been implemented, providing real-time information to enable efficient and timely management of structures capable of detecting anomalies.

At two beach resorts in Tuscany, we have also introduced Symphony as a solution for managing audio and lighting, capable of enhancing the environment and enveloping users. Everything, from the integrated control of lighting scenarios realized by over a thousand circuits, a distributed audio system in twenty zones, to the control of misters to increase customer comfort, is just a click away. With a touch, the owner can manage the entire surface area of the resorts and the numerous electronic systems integrated by Symphony.

Evenings are a special time for a beach resort, to be highlighted through light games capable of surprising users. For this, we collaborated with a prominent light design studio. Following their lighting design project, which precisely described which lights were to be used in various scenarios and how, we brought the required data into our control system and fine-tuned it in the field with them.

We developed ad-hoc drivers to integrate Crestron with Symphony, opening up an infinite world of possible integrations without having to develop every protocol within the ecosystem of our product. In this way, Symphony also controls Lutron and other technologies useful for creating important lighting scenarios.

All of this is done without losing sight of the possibility of technical alarm reporting (electrical protection intervention, flood alarms), essential for the maintenance and proper functioning of such a complex system.

All our integrations have been carried out with the utmost attention to safety, energy efficiency, and respect for the structural specifications of residences. The final result is a technologically advanced environment that offers an unparalleled luxury living experience in every property, be it a private villa, a beach resort, or a hotel.


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