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From Home & Building Automation to Factories of the Future: our R&D within COMPOSITION project

26 Sept. 2019

Digital transformation is impacting various business sectors. Though factories are critical environments, they are also the most promising market for innovative solution of automation and optimisation in production processes at large scale.
In this market, Nextworks starts from a well-established position in the field of IoT, automation and entertainment for Smart Residence/Home and Smart Yachts. Inspired by the increasing interest in Industry 4.0 solutions captured among customers and partners, we have decided some years ago to make Smart Factories are our next business target.

We recently completed a first R&D cycle through the H2020 COMPOSITION project: the fruitful experience has helped us to better define our business positioning in Industry 4.0 and how to evolve our Symphony platform for Building Management into a system capable to be more easily adapted to the Factories of the Future.

We have worked with top-level EU actors in Industry 4.0, like Fraunhofer FIT from Germany, LINKS from Italy, ATOS Spain and many others. We understood that a powerful and flexible Industrial Information Management System plays a central role in developing such a new ecosystem, because it can really implement the connection of data and services between factories and their suppliers.


Read the full report in our new PRESS RELEASE.

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