We create unique digital experiences

Communication, domotics, lighting, immersive entertainment, security, connection, orientation, dialogue with on-board systems and data collection: we build everything related to digital yachting, turning ideas into products. 

Systems design, software implementation, hardware solutions, fully custom interfaces to control and manage the on-board experience, as well as the creation of new services and features: this is what we do for our customers, thanks to our multidisciplinary team that is constantly on the cutting edge and always...on  the “crest of the wave”. 

While digitally sailing across the Seven Seas, we have developed soft skills and made new products, cultivated a deep listening ability, and defined proprietary design methodologies. 

Our route is made of paths that enhance the ability to dream, our landing port is where we translate dreams into systems, objects, products and real experiences.

Yachting is a strong and inimitable identity that faces the most important element of life, that tames its storms, that defines its own route facing openly the strength and beauty of nature. 

From comfort to multimedia, from communications to home automation, there is no luxury that cannot be experienced at sea. Our job is to transform all of this into technology, developing interfaces made to measure for the shipowner, making all on-board systems communicate safely.

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The technological complexity of a yacht is augmented by the environment in which each vessel must operate. Stress, speed, winds, currents, waves, impose a level of absolute standard that must be achieved right from the start. Even before the project, it is important to have robust but at the same time innovative ideas that leave room only for amazement.

Bringing the safety of efficient systems to the sea, translating desires into amazement, transforming visionary ideas into elements of daily life on board, creating solutions able to touch the imagination of owners and guests is what we offer to those who want to open their eyes every morning to the immense blue.


"After the magical moment when my eyes opened at the sea, it was no longer possible for me to see, to think, to live as before."
Jacques Cousteau

Conceiving, Designing, Creating Technology


Capturing the wishes and needs of owners in the early stages of design is crucial.
Working with each of the parties involved is essential to grasp the owner's wishes and translate them into strong, future-proof technical solutions.
We start each project with a "Dream Book" that will highlight the emotional and operational aspects of the systems, a book in which the pre-engineered project description is already included.


Fifteen years of side-by-side work with the world's most important shipyards allow us to be a player capable of dialoguing with any technical department and integrating into all phases of yacht construction.
Thanks to our experience and vision, we can be the strategic support for coordinating the activities of all the contractors involved.
From the first cable laid, to the delivery of the yacht, to the crew: we are always there for you.

Post Sales

Delivering perfect installations is as important as providing excellent customer service and after-sales support.
Our remote assistance drastically reduces intervention times and costs, limiting the need for the physical presence of the technician on board.
The support department can offer on-demand assistance as well as a 24/7 support service.
Our network of affiliated companies in key locations provide timely onboard support, completing a best-in-class service.