IT & Telco

Automation, future, imagination

The most natural outlet for the awful lot of know-how that we continuously build  in very specific and vertical domains, such as telecommunication networks (5G), IoT and cloud.

Our customers in these sectors are looking for an expert brain and skilled hands to solve their problems, or support their projects and evolutionary paths.
Whether it is about designing and developing software components, or providing technical project management and strategic guidance, or very specialized training, we’re always there to help with our knowledge and capabilities.


Points of strength

Expert knowledge

The know-how at the core of our services in these sectors is very specialized and focused on highly compelling technology domains, which are defined by our many top-down R&D activities and by the experience with the requirements of our customers.


Our know-how is independent from private or lock-in solutions, from major brands. We always seek to develop it using open standards and projects, and our pole star is always the technical rigour and the widespread practical application in the IT & Telco sectors.

Always new
always at the edge

Last but not least, our know-how is continuously updated, and nurtured through a very intense R&D activity in international, cooperative projects where it is challenged by the confrontation with global experts, and forced to grow.