A touch of humanity is the ultimate in technology

Hotel guests are people. Every person is a story. Each stay is a desire, a purpose, an escape. There are hotels that understand this. 

The true luxury experience is the one that makes people feel at the center of the universe, the one that makes everything unnecessary and leaves room for the essence of things.


Offering the experience of luxury means giving people back that deep meaning that they would not find elsewhere, and to do this there is more than just the skill of the staff.

Today's customers demand that the room, the air, the temperature, the devices, the sounds, the light, the security, the multimedia elements, the aromas, the connectivity are able to listen, to understand, to act. We design and develop sensitive technology for all hospitality cases, where the guest experience is the centre around which the hotel revolves.

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Points of strength

Next-Gen infotainment

Our solutions can transform room TV sets into interactive tools: profiled channel configuration, tailor-made content proposal and direct communication with guests.

Smart room control

Why not allow guests to experience the technological comforts of their suite directly from their smartphone?
Everything at your fingertips: from entering the room to using the hotel's services.Check, book, view, search, pay... that's all you need with Symphony.

Customer experience

A modern hotel is designed to provide immersive experiences.
Spas, wellness, training centres, meeting rooms, restaurants and lounge bars become highly experiential environments.
With absolute control over the environment and the perfect synchronisation of music, light and images, the guest experience becomes totally immersive.

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