Assisted living

Safety, support and comfort in perfect harmony

Technology is not only used to provide luxury experiences: every achievement, every solution, is an asset that can be used to improve life for those with special needs.

In order to fulfill ever increasing specific needs, the technology that implements an Assisted Living system must be flexible, liquid, adaptable to forms, protocols, interactions, languages.
Autonomy and independence are rights that must be granted also to those with motor or cognitive disabilities. We develop systems that are safe, flexible and usable by every person, to make the right to self-sufficiency a reality. What's more, all solutions are tailor-made to suit the person and his/her disabilities, with learning logics and personalised alerts in case of difficulties or other events.

Man wheelchair tablet assisted living nextworks

Points of strength


Symphony integrates different technological solutions with the aim of facilitating an independent lifestyle for all, especially for those with disabilities.

Customised interfaces

Depending on the specific pathology, Nextworks designs fully tailor-made solutions by creating dedicated interfaces based on the specific needs of users. Nextworks designs and develops the applications, the field technologies and the interfaces (graphic and non graphic): no system in the world is so flexible and customizable.


Symphony is designed for wellness. Thanks to user-friendly devices and system flexibility, it can be adapted to any need. It uses technologies such as RFID, environmental sensors, remote video surveillance and simplified interfaces to allow you to interact with your surroundings or communicate. All of which offer tangible support to people in need, the elderly and the disabled.

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