FIBRE-EU: Future Internet testbeds/experimentation between Brazil and Europe -EU

Main Goal
Integration of the OpenFlow and Bandwidth on Demand for federated SDN networks between Europe and Brazil across various technologies (OpenFlow, optical and wireless).

Nextworks role
Develop enhanced NOX (SDN controller), Aggregate Managers and Ofelia Control Framework, all integrated with OSCARS for two pilot applications, i.e. the "High Definition content delivery across sites" and the "Bandwidth on Demand through OpenFlow GMPLS".

Other key Partners
Fundacio i2CAT (ES), University of Bristol (UK), NICT (Australia), RNP (Brazil), CPqD (Brazil), Salvador University (Brazil).

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R&D Area
Funding Programme
EC FP7, Topic ICT-10.1.3 Future Internet - experimental facilities
39 months, Start: 1/Jun/2011