The most exclusive customers and the world leaders in megayachts construction have selected us as their technology provider of choice, thanks to our ability to combine design, luxury and innovation. By going through our site, you will discover why: Welcome on Board!


With more than 130 Mega Yachts delivered, Nextworks is one of the top system integrators in Italy. We are the only one in Europe combining internally developed products with leading market brands, to provide the most flexibly designed systems available today

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Each Nextworks project can be precisely tailored and elegantly detailed to realize the most creative requests of our customers, combining advanced technological concepts to create a living environment with its own distinct personality and appeal

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The Nextworks room control system introduces a new approach to hotel automation that improves the form, function and appeal of the hotel entertainment, security and information systems.

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Nextworks created a new approach to the Technical Building Management: no more legacy automation systems or traditional supervisors. The Symphony BMS provides a comprehensive answer to the needs of controlling, monitoring and managing heating and cooling, ventilation, lighting, shading, access control, fire and smoke alarms, video security, energy and comfort, environment sensors and networking infrastructure.

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Commercial / Office

Symphony is a truly universal and open platform, where functions and services can be plugged in at any time with minimum impact on your project ‒ an highly customizable and future proof investment. Control screens, projectors, monitors, lighting, audio and video matrix is an easy task.

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Assisted living

When we use Symphony for positively influence someone’s life, this reminds us that Building Automation can have important ethical aspects. Providing independent living, Symphony system eases daily operations for those who have disabilities.

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Un passo importante che testimonia la continua evoluzione dell’azienda - dichiara Gianluca Insolvibile, il nostro CEO - e la volontà di creare assieme ai maggiori player di mercato, standard di qualità e di servizio

Nov, 11 2020   0 Comments   nextworks  

Causa restrizioni imposte dall'emergenza sanitaria dovuta al Corona Virus Covid-19, il corso di formazione Symphony previsto nei giorni 11-12-13 di Marzo è posticipato a data da destinarsi.

Mar, 04 2020   0 Comments   nextworks  

Dal 28 al 30 Gennaio 2020, presso la nostra sede, si terrà la prima sessione del 5° corso tecnico di formazione per conoscere ed utilizzare al meglio la piattaforma di supervisione Symphony.

Jan, 09 2020   0 Comments   nextworks