Main areas of research

SDN/NFV for 5G

SDN and NFV tools for reconfigurable and multi-tenant backhaul and fronthaul in 5G networks

Virtual network functions for management and security services in 5G networks

Network Slicing


SDN/NFV for datacenters & cloud

Software defined control of optical data centre for inter- and intra-DC connectivity services

Converged orchestration of network and cloud resources

Composition and chaining of virtual network functions

Internet of Things/M2M for Smart Buildings and Smart Factories

Unified control of multiple heterogeneous smart sensors and actuators

Abstraction, virtualization, orchestration and federation of fragmented IoT platforms

Integration of IoT middleware and Information Management System (IIMS) to optimize resources and production lines in the factory


Federation of cloud, SDN and IoT test-beds across Europe, Japan and Brazil for large scale experiments on innovative network and Smart-city use-cases


A clean slate network architecture leveraging on Recursive Inter-Process Communication services to innovate and enhance network transport, e.g. in data centers.


Business model

R&D activities at Nextworks feed innovation in own products, consultancies, 3rd-party software developments for vendors and operators, training on the leading edge network technologies and architectures.