Talking of multi-site 5G Experimentation with 5G EVE at the IEEE 5G World Forum. 2019

1 Oct. 2019

Giada Landi, Lead Architect R&D at Nextworks, has participated to the 2nd workshop on 5G trials within the scientific program of the IEEE 5G World Forum in Dresden (DE) to present the 5G EVE Multi-site Experimental Architecture and Experimentation Workflow.

GIada's talk focused on the vertical service validation approach we are developing in 5G EVE project, which offers customizable, end-to-end 5G infrastructures and variable operational conditions for thorough testing of 5G-based services. We presented to the audience an overview of the 5G EVE pilots in Italy, Spain, Greece and France, together with a glimpse of the 5G EVE platform architecture and portal under development.

The workshop was hold at the International Congress Center in Dresden and was co-organised by the 5G EVE together with the 5G-DRIVE, SliceNet, 5G-VINNI, and 5GENESIS. projects: 45 attendes participated to the workshop and actively discussed the latest 5G trial results, from 5G experiments to business validation.

Further information is available on the 5G-Trials Workshop page.