Stepping more into 5G Pilots & Trials: Nextworks core member of the new 5Growth project

1st June 2019

5Growth (5G-enabled Growth in Vertical Industries), is a € 14.1-million H2020 research and innovation action officially launched on 1st June 2019 as part of the 5G PPP Phase 3.

5Growth will validate through field-trials the actual performance of 5G system deployed on the premises of vertical industries, and optimize the performance using automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven solutions.

Nine use cases in three pilot sectors, namely Industry 4.0, Transport, and Energy, will be field-trialed on four vertical-owned sites in Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

5Growth will automate the process for supporting diverse industry verticals through:

  1. a vertical-oriented frontend providing a common entry point and interface and an advanced customer portal, in charge of interfacing verticals with the 5G end-to-end platforms, receiving their service requests and building the respective network slices,
  2. closed-loop automation and SLA control for vertical service lifecycle management,
  3. AI-driven end-to-end network solutions to jointly optimize resources provided across all the network and application segments (access, transport, core, cloud, edge and fog), and across multiple technologies and domains.

5Growth will leverage on the results of 5G-PPP Phase 2 projects 5G-TRANSFORMER and 5G-MONARCH where slicing, virtualization and multi-domain solutions for the creation and provisioning of vertical services are being developed and validated with specific Proofs of Concept.

Two ICT-17-2018 5G end-to-end platforms, 5G EVE and 5G-VINNI, will be integrated with the 5Growth platform in the trials to demonstrate the 5Growth specific vertical use cases.

The 30-month project is coordinated by the University Carlos III of Madrid and gathers 21 partners from seven European countries, to group together global vendors (Ericsson, InterDigital, NEC, Nokia,), operators (Altice, Telecom Italia, Telefonica), vertical industries (COMAU, EFACEC, INNOVALIA), SMEs (Mirantis, Nextworks, Telcaria), and research institutes and universities (CTTC, Instituto de Telecomunicações, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Politecnico di Torino University, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna and University Carlos III of Madrid).

In 5Growth, Nextworks will work on Network Slicing for multi-domain environments, Service orchestration and monitoring, integration of MEC in end-to-end composite and nested network services, develop APIs towards verticals for service monitoring and management.

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