Quantum Communication research starts at Nextworks with project CiViQ

30th October 2018

The new European project CiViQ (Continuous Variable Quantum Communications) has started on Octber 1st 2018 with the objectvie to develop low cost, flexible, adaptable secure devices, services and protocols that can be easily integrated into existing telecommunication networks.

21 partners (5 Research Institutes, 6 Universities, 2 SMEs, and 8 large companies) make up the consortium members, which have been chosen for their expertise and because they are able to cover the entire supply chain of quantum cryptography.
Coordinated by ICFO, the project is one of the largest among the 20 selected proposals (from a total of 141 submissions) for the ramp-up phase of the Quantum Flagship.

The CiViQ consortium will design architectures and implement Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution (CV-QKD) technologies in high-performance photonic integrated circuits (PIC), define the related interfaces and control protocols to allow a network-aware software defined functionality and open modular development that can meet the needs of the secure telecommunications.

Nextworks will work on modelling QKD control networks, and will lead the development activities on Software defined QKD control plane and evaluate QKD systems in telecom infrastructures.

The project is part of the Quantum Flagship initiative, one of the most ambitious long-term research and innovation initiatives of the European Commission

Read the full press release in attachment.

For more info: http://www.nextworks.it/en/research/projects/civiq



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