Personalised Media Mobility Trial with FLAME in Barcelona

23 Sept. 2020

Gino Carrozzo, our deputy head of R&D, presented today Nextworks' trial experiences on Personalised Media Mobility (PMM) with the FLAME Platform in Barcelona at the FLAME Grand Finale Public event.

Nextworks has developed a PMM service in FLAME and designed a Service Function Chain controlled by the FLAME platform which allows to implement the "My screen follows me" user experience.

With my screen follows me users ca swipe their media contents from home Video on Demand systems to their personal smart hand-held devices and continue the consumption of their media while walking in the Smart City covered by FLAME.


The FLAME Grand Finale event has brought together 35+ speakers from various sectors, media providers, 5G Telcos, content providers, broadcasters and more.

More information on our PMM service concept and trial basis is available here.

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