NFV & SDN innovations for 5G and Telco business

30 November, Aveiro (Portugal)

Gino Carrozzo, deputy Head of Research and Development at Nextworks, participated to the 87th TechDay organized by AlticeLabs on “ICT Industry Evolution Lines”.

The invited talk has focused on "NFV & SDN innovations for 5G and Telco business", and discussed how various SDN/NFV technologies are being developed by Nextworks to realize the functionalities of the Software Networks in 5G. 


Altice Labs (formerly PT Inovação, is the nerve center leading the innovation agenda for all Altice Group’s operations. In its mission to produce and share knowledge, Altice Labs organizes these TechDays on a monthly basis in order to share ideas among the Group, its partners and various entities from the scientific and technological eco-system.
With this 87th TechDay@AlticeLabs – “ICT Industry Evolution Lines” – the intent has been to identify, analyze and discuss together what is changing in the world which has a direct or indirect impact on customers’ businesses and consequently on B2C and B2B business.


Nextworks research has been part of this 87th Tech Day, presenting results produced in the 5G PPP projects SELFNET and 5G-Crosshaul. The workshop recorded video will be distributed to the whole Altice Group companies after the workshop (Altice Europe - PT Portugal, SFR France, Numericable, Altice USA - Suddenlink, Cablevision, etc.).

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