Nextworks presented COMPOSITION at the EFFRA FoF Community Day

16 May 2017, Brussels (BE)

Nextworks participated at the Factories of the Future (FoF) Community Day meeting organized by EFFRA in Brussels on 16th May 2017, presenting the COMPOSITION FoF concept of networked factories.

Most of the the projects related to the contractual PPP Factories of the Future (FoF) conveened at Brussels to present some key achievements and to establish the roots for collaboration and result sharing within the FoF PPP.

Nicola Ciulli, Head of R&D at Nextworks, presented the COMPOSITION ecosystem for collaborative manufacturing processes and specifically the Intra- and Inter-factory Integration and Automation approaches developed within the project.

Bringing together FoF project representatives, EFFRA members, associated PPPs & representatives of the European Commission, the meeting has been an interesting opportunitiy for COMPOSITION adn Nextworks to create awareness about the technological solutions under design for the networked factories.

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