Nextworks 5G research @ 2nd Global 5G Event

9-10 November, Rome (Italy)

Nextworks researchers participated to the Second Global 5G Event in Rome, showcasing results from two 5G PPP Phase 1 project 5G-Crosshaul and SELFNET.

Our results and demos on VFM management in 5G networks for Self-Protection (from SELFNET) and Path & Tenant-aware Energy Monitoring Management (from 5G Crosshaul) have been presented to the international 5G development community joining the event, with representatives from the EC, FCC/USA, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology from China, South Korea and Japan, big industries (Huawei, Nokia, Qualcomm and ZTE), and 17 5G PPP Phase-1 projects.

Lively participation and growning interest on Nextworks research results are our key takeaways from this event.

More info and material here:

SELFNET project information:

5G Crosshaul project information: