MWC19: 5G is now

22 Feb. 2019

Our research team is heavily involved in the 5G development in Europe since 2015.
We are active leaders in 9 international R&D projects on 5G, and work with top renowned consortia of operators, vendors, and Vertical industries.
We count important strategic activities within the 5G Industrial Association (5G IA).

This year we're particularly happy to demonstrate some of our latest results at MWC, the global event for mobile comminications.
We'll be bring two demos at the event, and will be present at two main locations in the MWC venue.


Location A: 5G Infrastructure Association stand - 7K17 in Hall 7

DEMO: UHD media distribution over vCDN with ETSI OSM in 5G-MEDIA

Our demo shows the orchestration and agile lifecycle management through OpenSourceMANO (ETSI OSM) of media service chains including an UHD capable origin streaming server, media caches to be dynamically deployed in hierarchies at the edge of the 5G network (and serve media contents in proximity to the users), and a load balancer function for smart selection of delivering caches. We run everything on-site in a portable testbed, where a realistic scenario of combined core and edge clouds will be deployed to deliver the 5G-MEDIA media distribution service. Our visitors will be able to use the 5G-MEDIA virtualized Content Delivery Network (vCDN) solution deployed through OSM and consume UHD media contents in both HD TV screens and mobile devices, experiencing the flexibility and agility of the media distribution service.We will  display  their programmable platform in the context of “Ultra High Definition (UHD) over Content Delivery Network”. 

Location B: Congress Hall CS20 - Booth # 11 (i2CAT Foundation)

DEMO: 5GCity: Neutral Hosting and Video Acquisition & Production


5GCITY wil demonstrate a Neutral Hosting solution along with a media-related use case called “Video Acquisition & Production”. We'll show how the 5GCity neutral host platform can enable an ICT infrastructure owner to slice and lease its infrastructure to a 3rd party. The service acquires multiple, high-quality live videos from the event and uses Wi-Fi to stream them through the platform to a designated cloud-based application. Supported by 5G, this type of service can revolutionise, for example, how journalists work, since it allows them to immediately deliver content, on the move, to audiences. Moreover, such services can also support the public’s engagement in media production for big events.


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