Final results of the ETSI NFV STF 530 presented at NFV#19 meeting

15 Sept 2017, Denver (USA)


Nextworks has presented the final results of the STF530 work at the ETSI NFV #19 meeting in Denver (USA).


Giacomo Bernini, R&D project manager at Nextworks and STF530 leader, has reported to over 130 NFV delegates the final results of the specialist activity leaded by Nextworks.

As a result of the detailed analysis:

  • A total of 21 gaps have been identified between OpenStack APIs and the whole set of IFA005 and IFA006 operations and information elements. 
  • A total of 12 new User Stories (in addition to those already identified by the TST003 drafting team) have been identified and reported to the NFV TST, as use cases for potential gaps to be still clarified with IFA 
  • A total of 4 new IFA005 and IFA006 inconsistencies (in addition to those already identified by the TST003 drafting team) have been also identified

Coincidently there was an OpenStack Project Teams Gathering (PTG) taking place in Denver. This was a good opportunity to join up the two communities for a mutual update.

Some ETSI NFV delegates and representatives of the NFV leadership team visited the PTG meeting site,and discussed the results of the recently concluded analysis of gaps between ETSI NFV specifications on northbound interfaces of the Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) [IFA005, IFA006] and the OpenStack Ocata APIs.

The OpenStack Glare Project has expressed its intention to implement interfaces based on ETSI NFV specifications


The OpenStack gaps identified by the STF 530 are published on the ETSI NFV public wiki.