CONTENT, FELIX and PRISTINE demonstrations at EUCNC 2015

01-July-2015, Paris (FR)

Nextworks team has presented a number of results from its European R&D projects CONTENT, FELIX and PRISTINE at EuCNC 2015 in Paris, June 29/July 2, 2015.

For CONTENT, the project team has shown a live demonstration of the SDN-enabled control and orchestration of TSON and WiFi networks.

In FELIX, our researchers have shown demonstrations of the SDN infrastructure control framework developed in the project and a resilient 4K-video streaming from AIST/Japan to PSNC/Poland across the FELIX SDN infrastructure.

In PRISTINE, the RINA stack have been demonstrated in action in a large ISP emulated scenario using the LINUX stack at kernel and user space, and with its simulator RINAsim.

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