Remote/Cloud Management

Remote cloud management

Nextworks offers a cloud service that allows you to manage all system automation functions, not only locally, but also remotely, via a simple, secure and highly reliable connection.

Thanks to the extremely user-friendly application, you can check the status of all the environments, view images from the cameras, activate scenarios, manage the various appliances and interact with your home remotely, simply using your smartphone, tablet or PC.

The powerful technology behind our cloud solutions allows you to grant the technical staff selective access to selected systems, both in case of failures and periodically, to facilitate maintenance and remote diagnostics, intervening quickly and effectively, with just an internet connection.

One platform, many systems

Depending on the market, Nextworks has developed 2 cloud platforms, YachtinSight and Athmos

Standard functionality:

  • Keep an eye on your Yacht’s location and route
  • Control lighting, clima and other comfort systems
  • See who is on board and where s/he is, with anti-intrusion and access control systems
  • Check out technical support systems like engines, wheelhouse, power generators, tanks
  • Get automatic alerts for any issues and anomalies


logo Athmoslogo YachtInSight

Wherever you are

Check out engines, power generators, tanks

Get automatic alerts

Access live and recorded cameras

Browse and view your media library

Control lighting, clima and other comfort systems