Energy Management

Energy Management on the Cloud

The Symphony Energy Manager (SEM) is a highly innovative tool, born within the technological landscape of the Symphony platform. The SEM provides functionality dedicated to energy management, leveraging and extending the potential of the Symphony platform. Through an intuitive and customizable interface, the user is able to monitor and control any aspects related to energy production and consumption, interacting with technologically different systems integrated by the Symphony platform.

Promoting energy awareness

The Symphony Energy Manager does not only monitor energy consumption and apply automatic actions unbeknown to the user. It makes available an interactive tool through which a series of simple and non-invasive proactive mechanisms are suggested to the user, fostering the adoption of uses and behaviors aimed to energy savings.

The synergistic value of the integration made possible by the SEM derives from the system’s ability to contextualize and analyze large amounts of data provided by sub-systems that do not normally communicate. This includes assessments, statistical forecasts and extrapolation of actions and suggestions aimed to promoting energy conservation and to maximize usage of existing cogeneration installations.

Manage Energy Comsumption and Production

Monitoring, control and optimization

Visualization of energy flows

Energy balance diagrams

Energy mix (electricity from photovoltaics, battery, utility grid)

Historic energy consumption charts