Smart Communications

Symphony delivers a single communication system that combines the traditional phone services with the most advanced data transmission technologies. Of course, it is not just Internet access or fixed phone communication, but also advanced functions to manage all your communications as a whole, protecting them in a secure environment, adding multimedia features with audio/video conferencing... and a lot more, for both your home, yacht and office.

Many functions, smoothly integrated

The communication module features  multi-channel support and safe access to the Internet, as well as advanced telephone functions over the traditional lines and VoIP and with a series of accessory benefits. Some examples of the available services:

  • Voice and video communications based on VoIP technology
  • Videoconferencing
  • Mobile telephony: Wi-Fi, DECT
  • Interactive Voice Responder and Virtual Receptionist
  • Web-based intuitive graphical interface for simplified configuration
  • Visualization of videosurveillance images
  • Home automation controls by phone

VoIP for All

Easy web based configuration

The door bell call right on your phone..

..or on your inSymphony App for iPadTM

Many functions tailored for on-board communications